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Integrated Business-IT Intelligence Platform

SaaS based Enterprise Architecture platform that empowers IT with actionable and decision making information in a complex and multi-sourced environment.


Better, Faster, Cheaper

Rich user interface, SaaS deployment model, and automation to quickly show results to management and users.

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Decisioning and Transparency

Ease of use, simultaneous visual and analytical models, and actionable information to make decisions.

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Integration and Automation

Complex data integrations enabled through API(s) and out of box integrations with Industry CMDB.

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Multiple SaaS based products to address the need(s) on hand. Visualize, analyze, and optimize Business capabilities, IT services portfolio using analytics and rich user Interface.


Professional Services

Our Technology-Business experts can address your needs in technology strategy, technology implementation roadmaps and help deliver the Business value of IT.



One-on-One as well as class based training delivered to quickly help with adoption, as well understanding of Platform. Training can be delivered over the web to reduce cost.



Cost Management

Gain transparency into IT costs and identify cost reduction opportunities.

Technology Rationalization

Remove redundant assets from portfolio to save un-necessary costs.

Cloud Transition

Analytics to help guide to internal, external or Hybrid cloud.

IT Value Communication

Communicate business value of IT using analytics, visuals, and reports.

IT risk

Identify high risk assets to avoid costs and disruption.

Integrated Information

Integrated operations, lifecycle, and risk data for quicker decision making.

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